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A Natural Way To


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The Energy Junky
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Psychic Medium

Intuitive Energy Healing

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My Journey

I was born into a Roman Catholic family of strong values and morals. As a child, I often felt presence & was drawn to Angels, Psychic Mediumship, Healing & all things Woo-Woo.


I felt everyone & everything around me deeply. Never aware these were not my feelings. I had only to assume something was wrong with me & was often told that I was too sensitive.  I did not feel I fit in or belonged anywhere. life became challenging as I suffered one traumatic event after another. This was my life path for many years to come. 

 I had shut my gifts down at an early age. As to why I cannot recall only to say that time would be my most excellent teacher. My mess & experiences of pain were what I would realize later in life, would be a gift to help others heal themselves.


Dealing with many years of illness, trauma, anxiety, and depression from the age of 9, I had a final breaking point in my  40's. This changed me completely. 


With one decision I started on the journey back to me, of who I am. This has led me to this very place in my life. To be of service through Transformative healing & teach from my experiences of pain, suffering & growth.

To serve through integrity, compassion & love. To help you find beauty & peace within your life & empower your inner healer.


 ©Transform to Heal has been the most loving gift I could ever offer myself. I am here now to provide my services & to assist you in doing the same. I wish to support you in creating expansion, feel & create more love &  joy in your life & energized. I wish to also help you achieve your goals & embody who you truly are.


With an open mind & open heart, I hold space for you on your journey. I understand your suffering & I'm here to help guide you through it.


Thank you for allowing me to walk along this path, back to you.   CARLA  XO

Welcome to The Energy Junky.

My name is Carla & I am a Natural Healer, Spiritual Guide, Quantum Energy Channel, Psychic Medium,Medical basically, I am an Intuitive Healing Facilitator of Universal energy of all sorts. I channel quantum vibrational energy which transcends all levels of space & time & works on many areas simultaneously.

I help people work through & process their traumas & all that comes with it. As I have lived through multiple traumas in my lifetime, experience has been the best Soul teacher I could ever ask for to help others. So, were the Mentors I was guided to & called to learn from. 

I help people of all ages (online OR in-person) ©Transform & Heal their conscious and unconscious: emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual & personal blocks, traumas, emotions, belief systems, patterns & whatever is causing pain or suffering in their lives.

I also assist those who wish to open their abilities further & create shifts through expansion.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish! I have the background & resources to help you process & achieve your best life.

By empowering  & supporting you on all levels, together, we will create magical transformation to help you reach your full potential. Living the life you desire & becoming the embodiment of your most authentic, natural state of

This is the goal.

Love is all that is & all that matters.

Love is all there is.

 With hand to open heart,

I wish you much Love & Gentle Healing,

              Carla  xo




Service Offerings

Client Words of Love...


 Nadia Keturi


Before working with Carla, I was lost. Doctors were unable to diagnose the pains that I was having. I was being tested for scary diseases such as scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, & others. Losing hope, concerned I’d have pain forever, I then saw Carla’s Facebook page & I thought,” this is my last chance to figure things out. “

I felt a little skeptical but had nothing to lose. WOW! I gained so much through our ongoing distance healing sessions.

The issues we discuss are extremely private & sensitive. Carla’s patience & compassion allows you to be completely open & vulnerable. Her energy & open-mindedness enables you to express your feelings, feel safe & able to trust which is a huge part of the healing process. I’ve been seeing Carla monthly for over a year now, in the comfort of my home which is priceless. My health & pain have significantly improved. I love the journey we share together as I learn more about myself. Especially, how I now face life's challenges & cope with emotional stress, and unwind patterns that are connected to poor health. Carla's energy & abilities have helped to empower me to create transformation in my overall health & life.


Carla also offers in-between session support with various methods such as her Quantum Energy support Audio tracks. These are creations that are specific to your area of healing...and they work! I love & use them all the time.

I've also gained her as a special person in my life. She's truly gifted & an amazing person who carries a special ability to help people heal. Self-care is an Investment in ourselves & we deserve it!  

 Hugs to you all! I hope you embrace what Carla has to offer & make yourself & your self-care a top priority as I have.



Let's Stay Connected



" You, yourself as well as anybody in the entire Universe, deserve your love & affection.



Natural Healing

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