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What   To  Expect

What to Expect in a Session:

All Sessions are either by Zoom Call OR In-Person.

  • for online sessions, please update & or test your Zoom video & audio before our appointment in case of technical issues

  • light meditation depending on the treatment & session

  • please have water, kleenex, a pen & paper handy

  • for online sessions, client to lie down or be in a comfortable position in a low-lit area, eyes closed  no music, tv, etc;  for the healing session... your electronic device must be in the vicinity to hear

  • for in-person, you will be lying down, covered with soft relaxing music in the background

  • I may use various healing techniques during & tools may be offered to support you after your session

*please drink extra water 48 hrs before & after the session to help energy flow & release toxins from the body** Client is responsible for being on time.**


I use whatever technique is appropriate for you at the moment to assist in clearing your subtle energy fields, gaps & imbalances within your system.

 The Goal for these Healing Sessions:

A Balanced & Relaxed state of Body, Mind, & Spirit.


  • hot, cold, or tingling sensations

  • relaxation & sometimes sleep

  • twitching or movement within the body ( that is a sign of blocked energy release)

  • you may see colors or visions 

  • emotional release such as tears

  • feel very supported & nurtured

  • ah-ha moments may occur

  • The energy healing before the appointment & will carry on afterward until it is done. It does not matter if you are present with me.

       Energy and Love have no boundaries. xo

 ~ Please read the Disclaimer in the next section as it pertains to & includes

     Energy Healing Sessions & all other services as well. 

           Thank you 


I am lead by my Guides & Angels who connect me to your Divine Team & loved ones by: 

  •  receiving & relaying messages for your wellbeing 

  •  tools such as oracle cards, automatic writing & psychometry

  • photos & items from the departed ( are recommended as well)

 Spirit leads the way for what information is best for you at this point in your life. 

I am the messenger & only deliver messages of healing, love & joy.

It is an honor to be a conduit & I look forward to working with you. Carla xo

Legal Terms (4) & Liability Waiver:

*1. The client is responsible: to call on time & show up if in person, for any session booked in the Service area. Tardiness will shorten appointment time accordingly. No refunds for delay by the client, cancellations & or if short notice is given less than 48hrs before the pre-scheduled appointment. (You may reschedule your session). **Cancelation of any service /appointment requires  48-hour notice.You may reschedule that appointment 1 time only.or receive 50% refund, less the credit card fees if used.
*if cancelation is 24hrs before the appointment, there will not be a refund issued, you may reschedule that appointment 1 time only

*2.She, Carla Day, The Energy Junky is not responsible for any injuries or accidents of any kind,  anywhere on her property, in her home, to anyone's body, vehicles, or personal belongings while attending or after the session or any lost, stolen, or missing items. If the client is incapable of driving after his/her session, the client remains responsible for stating this & making suitable arrangements to be picked up. The client will be held fully accountable & responsible for all their actions & outcomes.

*3. All Quantum ©Transform & Heal or any copy, creations, website, services, jewelry & audio tracks created by The Energy Junky, Carla Day, are not to be shared, sold, copied, or duplicated in any way shape, or form. Person(s) may be subject to legal action in doing so.

*4.Being under the influence of alcohol & drugs will immediately terminate your session as well as any abusive behavior or actions & client's session will be non-refundable. 

Carla Day ( The Energy Junky) will not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of guidance, or actions taken going forward by the client, decisions that are not in alignment, or result in any, injury or challenge of any kind from their readings or any service provided. That is the client's own free will & responsibility to get professional advice before making decisions or acting upon any messages received or guidance provided from these sessions that could be life-altering or subject to harm. I do not claim to be certified in any profession such as a doctor of any kind, psychiatrist, lawyer, or any other such profession where such advice would be beneficial to consult. These Energy Healing & audio tracks are not a substitution for doctors, medicine, or any medical or professional care required of any kind. In reading this & then proceeding in booking your appointment you have agreed to release The Energy Junky (Carla Day) from any blame for any decisions or actions you take during & after your appointment. You agree that you are fully responsible for your own actions & decision-making after that. Attending your session means you have read & understood everything completely & fully agree with everything written above.**

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