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Hello! My name is Carla

As a Quantum Energy Channel, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Guide, I  have created a practice where I could best offer my service to help guide & support you on your healing journey. 

I have devised ©Transform & Heal sessions & a Body Wellness Experience Session where I facilitate healing through channeling quantum energy. I then use my Psychic/Medical Mediumship abilities to tap into the root cause of any challenges you face. 

With my support, I will assist you in working through them.

I may also use if called to, various tools & healing techniques I have created or been attuned to which are most optimal for you in that session. Recently, I have been guided to learn & incorporate sound vibrational healing into some sessions also.

 It's my ultimate passion to help you align, grow & thrive.

To empower you to Transform & Heal into the best version of yourself & offer up guidance when appropriate.


I firmly believe when we are offered love, compassion  & gentle direction it empowers us to help ourselves. When we take life into our own hands, we are granted the strength & courage to move through anything.


Together, through Mind, Body & Spirit I will help you achieve a more relaxed state of being and assist you to your highest potential.  It is an honor & pleasure to be of service in this way.


I wish for my clients to take control of their own healing.

I wish for them to understand how powerful & beautiful their minds and bodies really are, and how emotions, trauma & illness are part of a larger system.

Healing Mind, Body and Spirit takes a certain level of

sensitivity which we will work to resolve using gentle yet effective methods.


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